Serious drivers and owners of commercial vehicles are thinking about preparations for the winter season, and Rapidex trade has a completely rounded offer, by providing all the necessary steps for better checking and equipping trucks and buses for the cold days.

In the winter months, vehicles are exposed to additional exploitation efforts and harsh conditions, but during the rest of the year, and the best thing you can do for your truck is to get original and high-quality spare parts at affordable prices and perform certain service actions that will be both cold and variable time driving and doing business with maximum reliability.

We have everything for smooth operation of the vehicle and driving in winter conditions, starting with: engine coolant – antifreeze; tire chains; cabin filters and dryer filters; towel brush; parts of the WEBASTO and Eberspacher system heating system; anti-freezing fluids for brake installation – so-called WABCOTHYL; body parts – bumper and bumper parts; ECAS sensors that are extremely sensitive to low temperatures; engine wipers and cab heaters; batteries; heating radiators and more from our rich assortment.

Practical tips:
– Check cab heating systems – WEBASTO / EBER SPACHER – have not been used since last winter and need to be started from time to time so that the rotating parts “stiffen” cause malfunction.

” -Check that the coolant is freezing point The engine – antifreeze and “boost” it.

In Rapidex trade, we offer antifreeze for all types of refrigeration refrigerators, regardless of which type of coolant the vehicles currently have in the system.

” – Due to the short duration of the day and reduced visibility during the winter period, check the headlights and signaling to “see and be seen” by other participants in the traffic.

– Replace the cab filters so that the glass does not “mist” and impede driving, and at the same time provide better air in the cabin.

” – Check the wiper blades and replace them if they are bad, we will have months with a lot of precipitation when this system will always be in full operation.

” – Check the batteries – refill or replace if necessary, as they fall under temperature conditions and they work in more difficult conditions, and it often happens that many vehicles in the morning can not start the engine due to bad batteries.

– Check fluid against freezing the braking system airborne system. Liquid against freezing and corrosion.

” – Airbags are made on the basis of a mixture of lower alcohols and anti-corrosion supplements, such as antifreeze, can be used throughout the year, or only in weather conditions when the temper.

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