The cooperation between Schaeffler and our company has always been at an exceptional level, and the training we organized in Banja Luka was good experience for all those who attended it.

It was dedicated to Luk clutch sets. Special attention is paid to possible mistakes in the installation, with an illustration and explanation of the consequences that can occur in exploitation.

They also talked about the functioning of the mechanism of the set of clutch, the steps in their production, but also the causes of possible failures.

In accordance with the practice of Rapidex, to familiarize customers and servers with the newspaper and to provide more detailed information about the products, the training was held by technical trainer Darko Pucko, who answered many questions, as the presentation was interactive. It was attended by more than 40 people from Banja Luka and its surroundings, and more than two thirds of them are long-time servicers, who do not often have the opportunity to attend this type of seminar. Another of the positive things is the presentation of the Luk brand as highly positioned in the auto industry world and certainly excellent recommendations for an ideal balance of price and quality.

It could also be heard that Schaeffler has a website, where various technical information and the specifications of each product can be found. When purchasing clutch sets of clutch, a coupon with a certain number of points is provided, which later enables access to additional data on the portal, as well as the possibility of access to the tool used for the installation of a certain part.

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