The greatest possible professional privilege is the merging of work and satisfaction. For 22 years, Rapidex’s employees stand out from others because they feel themselves part of a large and successful company in which mutual respect and trust reside. The crown of this are our home fairs, events that few people have the opportunity to afford to their associates, friends and employees.

Once again at the Novi Sad Fair we gathered a world elite in the production and sale of parts and equipment for commercial vehicles. Some of them were for the first time at our fair and did not cover the enthusiasm of the organization.

Ever since morning hours, our guests from the whole region came to us who were only obliged to bring good mood with us, and we did everything to get back from the fair even more satisfied and safer in continuing cooperation with Rapidex. We made contact with our most important suppliers, with whom they were able to exchange opinions and experiences.

But if this is not a business day similar to the others, we have enabled our dear guests to replace their trucks, workshops, shops and businesses with a superb amusement in the environment of people with similar jobs and interests. An exciting gathering for nearly 3,000 guests was organized in the Master Hall of the Novi Sad Fair, with a rich program. Before that, in the open space of our oldest fairground halls we organized sports competitions, but also a fun introduction to what followed and lasted deep into the night.  

Rapidex trade doo remains your FRIEND ON THE ROAD!




The organization of the Rapidex 4th House Fair, a truly extraordinary event, was very demanding, but we tried to make our associates and friends, first and foremost nice, pleasant and interesting. We are glad and rejoice that we have gathered in one place so many successful companies and business people, which occupy a significant place in the spheres of their business.

Our valued suppliers were here, who presented their companies and products. These are all renowned names, and most of them are present in the first installation of the vehicle manufacturer. . With their innovations, product quality and business, they stand out in their fields, not only in Europe, but also in the world. That’s why we work with them, and they do business with us, because they recognized in us a reliable partner who can qualitatively and professionally sell their products, with an enviable sales network, because only in Serbia we have 15 sales outlets, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska three more, with significant reserves of spare parts in each of them. Once again, we thank our suppliers for their trust and support, and we hope that we will cooperate for a long, long time.  


At the fair, we had the honor to host our customers, from the territory of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro, for which we exist and are dealing with this type of business. We want to build a correct partnership with them, with mutual understanding and support. We can offer them quality products, fast and high-quality service and favorable prices, and we expect them to be properly directed, with suggestions that are truly valuable to us and important for improving our business, because we learn from them and we are progressing together with them. We want to thank them once again for the trust they give us, and we will do our best to make their trust even more desirable.

With the hope that all of you were well at the 4th Rapidex House Fair, in the new issue of our Magazine, we transfer a part of the atmosphere from another unforgettable gathering.

                                                                                     Slobodan Radosavljevic, director of Rapidex trade doo 



The organizing team is proud of the results


The organization of such big and important events as Rapidex’s home fair requires a lot of time, great dedication and energy, so that in the end everything would be perfect, and it was!

Most of the organizing team of the fair was made by people from the Rapidex procurement, logistics and customs departments. They have enabled all necessary equipment and exhibits, as well as advertising materials, to be delivered at the time of delivery, and be available on the day of the fair, but also to successfully negotiate with suppliers.

– We are most satisfied with the fact that we have secured the presence at the fair of the world’s top automotive industry. All of them responded to our call, recognizing the strength of Rapidex and what it represents on the world market. We found ourselves together with customers to show all the potential of Rapidex range and offer, said DamirUher from Rapidex’s procurement sector.

And the exhibitors were impressed by the level of the Rapidex home-made arrangement. Even though they are accustomed to what Rapidex always does, in order to make the fair look bigger, better and better, they were once again impressed with everything that was seen and experienced at the fair.



Agreement on performance in a pleasant atmosphere


For the exhibitors at the 4th home fair of Rapidex, the program started the day before the manifestation. We made every effort to provide our suppliers with a complete atmosphere, to achieve positive business results, but also to constantly know that they are always among friends with Rapidex people. Since they arrived before our other guests in Novi Sad, because they traveled from all over the world, we started socializing the day before the fair, at Petlovsalaš. Here they could once again get to know our famous hospitality, relax, enjoy the specialties of local cuisine and prepare for what is to come.


Angry battle on the battlefields across the fair

Throughout the year, Rapidex employees have organized numerous tournaments and various sports competitions. That’s why this type of competition is indispensable at our home fair. Some competitions were identical to those from previous fairs, but this year we introduced a new one. There were carts, air guns, bow and arrows, table football and darts at their disposal, and for fun, tennis tables were also set up. The top results were achieved, the grill of the fight did not fail at all, and the best at the end were rewarded.

Goran Stojkovic from the Rapidex branch office in Paracin, who won the shooting with an air rifle, had his steady hand.

  • – The competition was extremely good. And the others had some notable results, but that’s it, I managed to separate myself, summarizing Stojkovic’s impressions



The shooting of the air rifle was provided by Novi Sad’sRadivojĆirpanov’sshooting company, and its vice-president, Milan Jagnjić, said that the goal was primarily to socialize, but that the best scorers were the reason for the pleasure.

“The individuals decided to try the rifle here for the first time, but many of them have a lot of experience,” Jagnjic emphasizes.

And the real League of champions in table football played in the open space of the Novi Sad Fair. The most successful was the team of the subsidiary company “Andreja doo”. As real sportsmen, they say that the opponents were numerous and extremely good, but that they were ample enough to put a small number of balls in the opponent’s net.

When it comes to sports among “Rapidexians”, the word often refers to employees from Cacak. This time Robin Hood from Sumadija was DusanMihajlovic. He hit most of the target’s rounds in archery.

-I had run home at home, so success was almost guaranteed, Mihajlovic reveals his advantage over other competitors.

The shooting was organized by the Novi Sad Archery Club.

– The interest was very big. It is noticeable that colleagues like to compete with one another, and there are also some of those who are very good at work, JelenaČerevicki from the aforementioned club points out.

Cacak were the best in the darts. According to Goran Rađen, who has been awarded the trophy, it was hard in the first three matches, and a bit of the tremors did theirs. However, when the results were added, their darts remained unsurpassed.

In the cartooning, the best was Nikola Stojanovic, who had the most serious competition, bearing in mind that all the guests of the Rapidex House Fair are like fish in the water when they are four points. There was a record number of competitors, and there was a lady behind the wheel. A good time, that is, a dry trail, has contributed greatly to the fact that all the passing as desired is possible. For the vehicles and rules, a professional crew from Kula took care, so everything went without the smallest incident.

– The participants were very careful, and at the same time visibly very capable, summarizes the impressions of SpasojeKovacevic from the KartodromMotomodrom Karting Center, which provided five cartoons for the fair.

The sweets brought from Rapidex’s fourth home fair will decorate the showcases of this year’s winners. And for the rest – more luck the other time.

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