The fourth Rapidex home fair will be held on Saturday, April 21, at the “Master”Hall and in the open space of the Novi Sad Fair.

It will be another opportunity for gathering and socializing our friends and associates. The arrival of them is already announced at more than 2,500. We will repeat everything nice, good, useful, quality and fun from the past years, but also raise it to an even higher level because there are no borders for Rapidex trade. Rapidex’s fair team has already devised a program for, we believe, a new unforgettable event.

– We want to once again confirm our value and the leading position in the region in the market of parts and equipment for commercial vehicles. That’s why we are reuniting the European elite among manufacturers in the auto industry, who will present their latest achievements. There will be exhibitors of over 40 famous brands. In addition, as well as any good host, we will do everything to make the guests feel comfortable. These are our associates and business partners, but above all friends and dear people – says AleksandarCvijić, deputy director of Rapidex trade. As our company has many times and always honestly ordered – the Home Fair confirms the desire, the idea, the mission, and the reason for the existence of Rapidex trade. The fourth home fair will be the first in the third decade of our company’s existence, which will surpass all the previous ones. In the “Master” hall information will be exchanged and experiences of the manufacturers and users of parts for commercial vehicles, and during this time numerous competitions will be organized in the open space of the Novi Sad Fair. Owners, employees and users of commerce companies after the completion of professional and sporting work, will be able to enjoy the ultimate entertainment, with exceptionally rich music and other program.
The fair is an excellent opportunity for a mix of partners, customers, suppliers, transport companies, mechanics, all those that Rapidex trade brings together in one big family. It is also a chance to bring the product to prospective customers and suppliers in a nice atmosphere, and it is always characterized by fun, socializing, but also mutual respect and new business contacts.

Trust us and always count on your friend on the road!

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